Project 1 for the development of alternatives, to the known knowledge of physics.

World formula!

Ideas for the world formula (God formula).

(Energy formula of all known forms of energy)

The energy radiates from many points (energy points). From each of the points the energy spreads evenly to all directions. At the energy point is the highest energy and from there it spreads out spherically in all directions. At the energy point is the greatest energy, and it remains the same overall at any distance on the surface of the sphere. It is distributed on the surface of the sphere.

(Formula spherical surface ^= π*d² or also π*4r²)

Which leads to the formula

Energy / π * 4 r²

r = distance to the energy point


Energy points repel or attract each other.

Atoms are composed of many energy points.

Since energy can only be used in a compound, only the remaining energy of the energy point acts in its environment.

This loss of energy must be taken into account in the calculation. (For the time being the easiest way to do this is to take a constant).

Since atoms already have a complex energy structure, molecules and even more so accumulations of matter have a much more complex structure. Many energy points interact there and result in a total energy effect. The energy of the individual points interact outwards, as far as it is not needed to maintain the structure.

(There are positive and negative energy points. The effects only cancel each other out to the extent that they are needed to form the objects). Consequently, there is a mixed form of energy towards the outside, that is the attraction of the objects.

The energy of the nucleus is the energy that holds the individual components of the atomic nucleus (neutrons, protons) together. These parts are in turn held together by the rest (weak energy).

The nucleus and the electrons are held together by the so-called electrical energy (positive and negative). The molecules are also held together by this. The object is held together by the attraction of the atoms and molecules.

All energy has the same origin, from the individual energy points of the atoms.

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