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Speed of light!

Speed of Light

They say. The speed of light in a vacuum is always the same!

And if that's true, let's think about it.

It is certain that the speed of light is not the same in different materials, so the speed of light can be influenced by external forces!

Light, unlike sound, is an independent form of energy and does not need a medium to reproduce itself. Sound is only an effect on matter and cannot propagate without it.

Light consists of photons that move at extremely high speed. Photons are a form of energy.

Energy is influenced by energy. Photons have a high kinetic energy, so the low energy is almost not noticeable when accelerated.

With light-transmitting matter, the speed and direction is influenced. With opaque matter the light beam is partly reflected, the rest is scattered in the matter and converted into heat by friction on the atoms.

In this process, everything runs on an atomic level, the proximity of the atoms with its components influences the light beam through its forces.

Here again the light is influenced by the forces of attraction and repulsion. (Energy influences energy.)

Why are the speeds not simply summed up?

The force of attraction, due to the distance to the light beam, can use only a part of its power to influence the light beam. The change in the the increase in mass and therefore the change in time is not so easy to sort out.

According to the ideas of the extraterrestrials the straight flight of a light beam is deflected by a large mass (e.g. star). Thereby the attraction by interaction of the energies plays a role. An extreme example are the black holes, if a light beam comes close to them, it happens that the light beam is attracted so strongly that it cannot go any further.

So light is influenced by attraction, from this follows that the speed of light is also influenced by the attraction. Light is also influenced by matter of every kind, whereby the influence is caused by its energy. Attractive force is an energy that is present everywhere.

The extraterrestrials fly with very high speeds which are measured from the earth substantially higher than the light. Speed is not to be seen in relation to the reference point and is not dependent on it.

Have courage, think about it and discuss, only in this way can we come to new insights.Other logical ideas are also welcome.Go to my contact page and write your opinion.

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George Rönnau

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Rönnau Georg