Georg Rönnau

Born in 1953, I belong to the older generation and am a pensioner.

Why develop and spread such ideas?

I enjoy thinking up such ideas and satisfying my curiosity.

When I learned about the time paradox in school, I thought to myself: "How can this be possible, the speed can't really be the cause! So I tinkered with it again and again until I found a logical solution. In doing so, I came across other problems that can be solved in other ways. I have come to the conclusion that energy is the cause of all changes. Without energy no physical, chemical and biological processes take place.

That is why I decided to spread my ideas on the Internet and to make others curious to think about things that are taken for granted.

Here I present my ideas, which need not correspond to the truth. They are only invented and all of them are based on logical conciderations and thus could be proved by logical calculations. To make these calculations will take some efforts, cause here are to pay attention to very complex processes, which are not mentioned in the texts, cause most people are overstrained by these calculations. There is even more to explain than published here so far. Some more considerations are necessary and that?s why I can't publish any formulas yet.

The building of science is very complex and one thing leads to another.

Why should there be scientists, thinking about long known results of research. Because one thing leads to another, a chain reaction can occur with the previous knowledge, which can bring the whole knowledge building down like a house of cards. Many research results of the past are based on the results of previous knowledge.

Have courage, think about it and discuss, only in this way can we come to new insights.Other logical ideas are also welcome.

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Have fun

George Rönnau

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