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Gravitation(force of gravity)

What is gravity?

The force by which two or more objects are attracted to each other.

Simple explanation, but how does it work?

Experience shows that every object, no matter how small, attracts every other object and is attracted by everyone. So all objects attract each other.

If every object, no matter how small, has a gravitational force (attraction), then the atom and its components, as the smallest object, also have an attraction force that works according to the same rules.

The force effect decreases significantly with distance. It is said that the force decreases with the distance squared.

Every planet consists of smaller objects and ultimately of atoms. The atoms again consist of atomic building blocks and so on.

So let us assume that a rocket that is launched is attracted by the earth. Then all the individual components of the rockets and all the components of the earth attract each other. So every atom that is attracted to every atom on earth. So an atom from the starting point of the earth moves like an atom from the other side of the earth. Only the atom from the other side does not have as much power as the atom from the starting point. Here, distance plays an important role. The atom from the other side acts with such a small force that it is not a major obstacle at the start. The further the rocket is from the earth, the more evenly the force of the individual atoms of the earth acts. As the distance from the rocket increases, the distance ratio of all the atoms to each other becomes so small that at a correspondingly large distance, e.g. one light year, it becomes so insignificant that it no longer matters. It doesnˇt matter anymore, if force of atom comes from front side or back side.

In addition there is an other force effect. The majority of the atoms are not perpendicular under the rocket. Since the forces there do not act from below, but at an angle, the force effect is also lower here. (Force paralelogram)

The general formula for gravitation is only valid in the relative proximity of the earth and understandably does not take into account long distances such as light years, as this was not known when the calculations were made.

In order to calculate this, the so-called God formula must be applied, but this is not yet known. One thing is clear to me, here, as the scientists on Earth suspect, not only an r² can occur.

It is much more likely that here the formula for calculating the surface of a sphere must be applied to each atom, because the force of the individual atoms, as on a spherical surface, is distributed in space. Of course, an approximate calculation can be made by combining atoms into a group with their total force. The formula for this does not yet exist.

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