Project 1 for the development of alternatives, to the known knowledge of physics.



Energy is determined by the force emanating from it. Since forces occur everywhere, energy is everywhere.:

Forces occur especially in matter and radiation, in every form, so matter and radiation, on closer inspection, consists of energy. It has thereby the property of matter and radiation thus of object and wave.:

Energy isthe basis of physics, chemistry and biology. It is, in my opinion, the first dimension. Then come the three dimensions of space and then time.

The amount of energy always remains the same, only its effect changes.

Here you can clearly see the special differences to the idea of the dimensions.

When energy is admitted, the state of energy changes. When I add energy to mass, it changes, it becomes greater. You do not think in terms of masses, but only in terms of objects and their energy. It depends only on the form of the energy. For example, when energy is added to create movement, the energy increases, so more energy must be added to accelerate it further. This is not noticeable at low speeds or gravitational forces, because the added energy is small in relation to the energy of the object. At high speeds, which approach the speed of light, it becomes apparent. The same effect occurs with attractive forces, especially noticeable with black extinguishers.

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