Project 1 for the development of alternatives, to the known knowledge of physics.

Dark matter!

Do you exist?

According to the law of gravitational energy, the force of matter is distributed in the distance squared. If the result of this calculation is distributed on a spherical surface of the same size and then added together, the mass, already at the moon's orbit, would have to be significantly larger. Therefore one assumes that there is a dark matter, which has not been found so far. This would have to become however already noticeable on earth directly, not only in some distance.

Where else can this effect come from?

Newton assumed with his first calculation attempts that every object, every other one attracts and therefore the other end of the earth with its attraction, thus individual parts of the earth form the attraction force. Since he noticed that this exceeded the then no possibility of the calculation by far, he gave up the way and looked for another way. He found it when he learned about the gravitational balance and dealt with it.

Let's start from his first condition, only extend it by starting from the single atoms. At the moment it is not possible to calculate this, but if we start from the actual cause, the smallest amount of energy of matter, it is even more impossible.

  1. An atom on the other side of the earth has a much weaker attraction to us than an atom that is directly below us. If we move away from the earth at a greater distance, the distance between the two atoms becomes smaller and the effect of

    the farther away atom is proportionally stronger.

  2. With an atom that has an oblique force of attraction, the force is distributed laterally and vertically from below. The attraction therefore has a lesser effect. If you move away as in the previous example, the force angle changes and the force effect increases.

At first, the consideration agrees with the previous formula, but for large distances the reduction of the attraction force is outweighed by the distance. The ratio of the increase in force due to the better angle of force and the distance of the atoms in the object to the decrease in distance becomes smaller and smaller until the distance is so large that the increase in force due to angle  and the distance of the atoms in the object is so small that it no longer matters.

The increase in force therefore also explains the apparent mass increase of the earth in distance. One thing is correct, the earth and all objects have a greater mass than previously assumed.

According to this consideration there is logically no dark matter, because the assumption of the previous calculation is based on an incorrect assumption.

Who thinks now, he can determine the mass of the universe with the new knowledge nevertheless has no possibility to do so, because some further considerations are necessary. Everything is relative.

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George Rönnau

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Rönnau Georg